Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vacation 2008, Pt. 1

Usually HD(Husband Dearest!) and I like our big summer break to coincide with our anniversary in August. After last year's trip HD, who works in a collegiate setting asked to bump up our vacation dates this year as not to be overwhelmed with the academic year starting so soon after our return. This proved to be doubly great after we became pregnant. I'll be around 36 weeks in the beginning of August, making extended travel not the wisest choice.

Our vacation officially started on May 21. We were invited to spend days around Memorial Day weekend in Vero Beach, Florida. HD's colleague and friend has a house on the barrier island area of Vero, with all sorts of fun amenities. He graciously shared this space with us and another one of our mutual friends. It was the prefect getaway spot to kick off our vacation time. The best word I can use to describe it is AMAZING!!

Here are the TOP 10 HIGHTLIGHTS of our trip!

1.Making multiple daily trips to the sea shore. (only a 4 minute walk from the house)

2. Catching a mother loggerhead sea turtle making her annual pilgrimage to the shore to lay her eggs on the beach at midnight.

3. Soothing afternoon thunderstorms. aka a great excuse for naps!

4. The bunny who's mealtime seemed to correspond with our daily beach visits

5. Lot of palm trees, little lizards and the fantastic warmth that made our trip feel truly tropical!

6.Temporarily forgetting pregnancy while packing, then realizing that last year's swimsuit doesn't fit quite the same. Then having to go shopping!

7. Access to a fresh water pool when the salty waves such all your energy!

8. Seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Including, polishing off two novels and finishing a knitting project from January.

10. Seeing the boy essence of HD so close to the surface as he boogy boarded, body surfed and built a sand fortress. & knowing he'll be a fantastic playmate for BC!

One down, coming back (boo!) to a hole in the living room ceiling. . . Read more on that in part 2 coming soon.


Erica said...

i love that big O made castles. i can imagine it... it'll be so freaking awesome when you play with bc... man, i cant wait to see it.

bermikoy said...

Sooo fun.... !

by the way, refer to potchky hole, i posted it just for you!!!