Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tomorrow She'll be 'Free!"

Or she'll be three. Just like everyone told me, when you have a little one time flies! And of course I'm finding that truer than ever. We've already reached "3-Day". My adorable, brilliant, Zea is growing more independent daily. Over this last year of her life, there have been a great deal of changes she's taken in stride. But the biggest of all is a major move to California from he east coast. Over the course of the last week we've visited lots of friends who've helped us celebrate our nearly three year old. (Stories of moving, why and the big cross-country road trip to come.)

It has been simply magical to see her free spirit reign. What a privilege I have to witness this precious, princess blossom before my very eyes. Despite my efforts, which seem in vain, I am able to see God work through me to grow and develop this her character for His good. Her sweet, personable demeanor is only one thing I am trying to learn from everyday. When you ask her she'll tell you, "I'm free!" My wish for her is to allow to her spirit free forever!

                                  To year four! And all of the amazing-ness it will bring!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sister Love!

I have the privilege of being in Florida this week visiting with family! For the very first time I got to meet this lovely little cousin, Noelani! She's got an amazing big sister who just left to start her first year at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Here's a little video that she made for her Amazing Big Sister!! (I was having issues posting it on facebook.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Man

12 years, this Man and I have ben together. Most of the photos I have of my husband are just like this. Try as I might I cannot coax this camera shy guy to let me openly capture his face. This is a metaphor of his life.

Today we celebrate 8 years of marriage.

What an adventure it has been! What an honor to witness one person grow, learn, change. And what an experiences growing, learning and changing right along side him. Words can hardly begin to describe the part of the journey we've already covered. All I can say is, I am open to receive the adventure that God has set out before us for the next 8.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures of a Potty Princess!

A few weeks ago after being inspired by these wonderful ladies, I got up the gumption to potty train Zea. I'd been dragging my feet for WEEKS!! After wresting with myself and talking to the experienced mommies in my life, I finally decided to bite the bullet. The best recommendation I got was to get this book.

I didn't believe, but when we opened the package from Amazon, Zea immediately asked to sit on the potty and she peed!!!!! We were overjoyed, until the next day or so. We put on lovely princess panties and a few accidents ensued but now, 3 weeks later, she's telling us when she needs to go and is only in diapers when we leave the house and when she's sleeping. (I'm not crazy about going on public potties yet.) We're pretty excited and can't wait to be totally done with the diapers!

Here's a pic of that little one singing her potty song and her Princess Potty tiara.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Journey to Opening

So far my quest for openness has led mostly to me opening up the perspective I have of myself. By nature I'm not very introspective but in the last couple of years it seems if I am going to grow and mature, introspection is a must.

Recently, although I do not write here often, I've been writing various post in my mind. They are all in the queue to be posted, whenever I decided to set aside the time to write. Mostly they've been mind's eye posts. And there seems to be a theme with the selections I've been choosing to "relive".

1) Encounters with close friends. Many of which are much dearer since the encounter.
2) Music. Whether playing, but mostly singing together. I know that music is connector but I didn't realized how much I've used it to connect to others. It was/is such an integral, natural part of our relationships. . . See below!

With legs strewn over one arm of the chair and my head and neck supported by the other, I gaze at the ceiling visualizing the scene our combined voices would make as they raise towards the 20+ foot ceiling.

Seven of us sing praises to our Creator as we are reminded of what He's doing in our lives. I let the ceiling fade away as we begin to sing the bridge,

"You give and take away,"
In the last few months and weeks each of us have experience our own trials and triumphs.

"You give and take away,"
Losing roommates, one year closer to graduation, decoding decaying relationships, new jobs, mourning family members, celebrating commitment. . .
"My heart will chose to say blessed be your name! "
During this bittersweet ceremony bidding maidenhood farewell and welcoming marriage, God is seeing us through our many transformations. In each circumstance, good or bad we are reminded we are not alone. We rejoice and experience sorrow, not only with our Father but with each other.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011: Word of the Year!

I've been so busy living life, there's been no time to blog. . . perhaps once a week posting was a bit too ambitious.

Each year one of my favorite bloggers, Ali Edwards, chooses a word as a theme for her year. In past years I've been skeptical. My free flowing personality likes to see how things develop and not be tied to "one" thing. Last year as I let the theme unfold, it just ended up being a lot of me seeming to play catch up and realizing how fleeting time really, truly is. Over my birthday, my time of reflection and annual commitment, I wanted things to be different, more intentional. So, when Ali shared her new word for this year I decided I should pick one too. Just a word, no resolutions, empty promises, or expectations to live up to. This year it did not seem so daunting.

So my word seemed to come to me again and again over the first week of January. I initially did not want to accept it because of fear, my biggest enemy. I wanted something more simple, charming, warm and fuzzy. That is NOT what I'm suppose to be about this year, so I'm learning.

Now, drum roll please, my word, that chose me, for 2011 is OPEN.
Open to love. Open to change. Open to the unexpected. Open to pain, failure and fear.
Open to growth.

I've spent so much of my life in self-protection, not wanting pain and fear to creep in. By trying to keep them out I have also omitted some positive facets of life. Already, as the month comes to a close I have made choices that are breaking the pattern. As 2011 forges ahead, I am Open to becoming.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

"Time is passing soooo fast!" was the unofficial mantra of 2010! Although I don't expect that to change, I hope to adopt something more intentional and motivating for this new year.

Already today, as I witnessed a bit of life magic while swinging with my daughter, feelings of hopefulness of all the newness this year will bring, flooded my spirit. Somewhere deep in my core I am certain this year will be different. There were many surprises, twists and turns during 2010 but this year will be different somehow.

My personal journey has been very enlightening. New notions and concepts seem to be revealed through regular conversations, silent times, reading randomness. As I become more open to God teaching me about me I hope to share more regularly in this space to process and come to a fuller understanding in making sense of this life, this story that I'm writing everyday.

Happy New Year to all! And one of my goals is to post weekly, por lo menos!