Sunday, February 20, 2011

Journey to Opening

So far my quest for openness has led mostly to me opening up the perspective I have of myself. By nature I'm not very introspective but in the last couple of years it seems if I am going to grow and mature, introspection is a must.

Recently, although I do not write here often, I've been writing various post in my mind. They are all in the queue to be posted, whenever I decided to set aside the time to write. Mostly they've been mind's eye posts. And there seems to be a theme with the selections I've been choosing to "relive".

1) Encounters with close friends. Many of which are much dearer since the encounter.
2) Music. Whether playing, but mostly singing together. I know that music is connector but I didn't realized how much I've used it to connect to others. It was/is such an integral, natural part of our relationships. . . See below!

With legs strewn over one arm of the chair and my head and neck supported by the other, I gaze at the ceiling visualizing the scene our combined voices would make as they raise towards the 20+ foot ceiling.

Seven of us sing praises to our Creator as we are reminded of what He's doing in our lives. I let the ceiling fade away as we begin to sing the bridge,

"You give and take away,"
In the last few months and weeks each of us have experience our own trials and triumphs.

"You give and take away,"
Losing roommates, one year closer to graduation, decoding decaying relationships, new jobs, mourning family members, celebrating commitment. . .
"My heart will chose to say blessed be your name! "
During this bittersweet ceremony bidding maidenhood farewell and welcoming marriage, God is seeing us through our many transformations. In each circumstance, good or bad we are reminded we are not alone. We rejoice and experience sorrow, not only with our Father but with each other.


Erica said...

just wondering... is this memory from that amazing night before my wedding??

if not... it reminded me of it... what a great moment :)

Sarah F. said...

what a great way of welcoming marriage. who put together this ritual? it's a beautiful song and a beautiful reflection.

jael said...

This night was so amazing. Crazy flashlight neighbor notwithstanding.