Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tomorrow She'll be 'Free!"

Or she'll be three. Just like everyone told me, when you have a little one time flies! And of course I'm finding that truer than ever. We've already reached "3-Day". My adorable, brilliant, Zea is growing more independent daily. Over this last year of her life, there have been a great deal of changes she's taken in stride. But the biggest of all is a major move to California from he east coast. Over the course of the last week we've visited lots of friends who've helped us celebrate our nearly three year old. (Stories of moving, why and the big cross-country road trip to come.)

It has been simply magical to see her free spirit reign. What a privilege I have to witness this precious, princess blossom before my very eyes. Despite my efforts, which seem in vain, I am able to see God work through me to grow and develop this her character for His good. Her sweet, personable demeanor is only one thing I am trying to learn from everyday. When you ask her she'll tell you, "I'm free!" My wish for her is to allow to her spirit free forever!

                                  To year four! And all of the amazing-ness it will bring!


Lorilea said...

What a beautiful little girlie, I can't believe that she's 3 either.

Safe travels dear friend.

tk81902 said...

She is indeed a precious little girl and her cousin Nathaniel welcomes her to the society of three year olds. My heart breaks for her grandmothers that she left back east because I know my attachment to my own grands. My life truly evolves around them. Most importantly I am a believer " with God all things are possible " So we can all adjust and survive ! I love you all !

lunsfordmom said...

Happy Birthday little lady! We miss you already! Hope you had a fantastic birthday! We love you! ~ the Lunsford 4

fototourtourism said...

Happy to you with the the precious little girl