Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vacation 2008, Pt. 3

As is our annual tradition, HD and I have been planning surprise vacations for one another every year since our first anniversary. It's been pretty exciting though the one creating the vacation gets a little stressed when the plan isn't coming together.

This year was my turn and after spinning my wheels for practically nine months (since last year's vacation), I thought I came up with a great idea. Plans changed when HD threw me a curve ball with the Vero Beach trip. It was an offer too good resist, as you read from part 1.

With the remaining time of our vacation I followed a friend's advice and looked on Craig's List for some reasonable listings. (Thanks Eri!!) The perfect spot revealed itself in Ocracoke, NC, part of the Outer Banks.

The last part of our vacation was spend just the way we like it. . . doing anything we wanted. Here are some pics from our trip! Enjoy!

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NegraFlaca said...

That looks so beautiful dee!