Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feet to fill these shoes. . .

Over this last weekend I decided to take last trip as a mommy-in-training. A personal retreat of sorts. Where would one go on such an expedition? Well back to where they came from, of course. My trip was to Berrien Springs, MI. The place of my birth and where HD and I lived when we first got married. The destination was chosen solely for two reasons.

1) The ten hour drive. I love to drive. It helps me clear my head and sort things out, plus i like to go FAST!!!
2) This particular weekend turned out to be a reunion of sorts.

When HD and I lived there, we were able to form bonds with other couples who had be married around the same time we were. We started a group which met on a regular basis and lent support to the new journey that we were all on. It was fantastic to catch up and see everyone. Among those present were, one couples who moved to North Carolina decided to vacation in our fair Berrien, and another who just returned from a nine month internship/retreat in New Mexico.

I was truly looking for support and encouragement for entering into this new phase in life. Did I find what I was looking for!!! There were two other mama's there who are expecting baby #2. Not only was fellowship shared with them but, I was able to visit with my doula mentor, the very first doula I ever met, and another friend who became a doula who will be studying midwifery in January. And to top it off, I had the best hostess ever!! A long time family friend, who too will experience the best of babyhood by becoming a grandmother next spring!

Lessons learned from this expedition weekend are:
1.When things seem to become overwhelming, taking some time to step back and separating yourself from the issues really can help obtain better perspective.
2.Though there'll be lots of responsibility for those tiny feet that will fill those shoes, one can only take life one step at a time and enjoy today for what it's worth.
3.Plus, Mama's need to have fun too!!!

Here are the pretty preggers. We did some belly bumping this weekend!!!

Here's our profile view!!!


bermikoy said...

Your uteruses... (uteri?) are full...

they need to be emptied quick.

NegraFlaca said...

this is tooooooo funny. look at you and the marrieds living it up pregant-style!

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound ignorant, but what's a birth doula/doula mentor?
--Tunisia P.