Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mother Blessed

Early in my pregnancy I had trouble embracing the change from wedded maiden to mother. This summer has been used mourning the loss of who I am and welcoming who I will become and how BC will fit into our family.

As it is for most first time moms as the baby grows and uterus's space lesses, connections are made that this little tenant is actually her very own to love and care for. . . FOREVER! Needless to say it's happening to me. BC and I are having a great time getting to know one another as I embark upon the motherhood journey. I have been fortunate enough to have positive supporters around me. They've helped me accept this coming roll.

Last weekend, my mother and mentor hosted a Mother Blessing in my honor. A Mother Blessing is a rite of passage designed to prepare a woman for motherhood. During this spiritual gathering we will engage in a number of activities to encourage and support Deidre’s “birth” as a mother.

About 12 women who are close to me attended in support of embracing motherhood. There were a slue of activities including a trust walk, creation of birth beads and a laying on of hands to blessing the birthing process. I also enjoyed a time of pampering where there was someone rubbing or massaging each of my appendages, even BC in the belly bump! One feature I especially appreciated was friends who did not live near were still invited to participate. They sent their blessings and well wishes for birth and beyond.

I just wanted to give another THANK YOU to everyone who make my Mother Blessing a very VERY special event during this walk of life. I am truly a Blessed Mamma!

Below are some of my treasures from the Mother Blessing, hand made birth beads and a belly cast from 34 weeks signed with Power words for labor.

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