Monday, March 2, 2009

Zea @ 5 Months

I think I'm going to give up on the idea of doing a five month photo shoot of Zea. There were about a million things happening in the very short month of February and we did not manage to squeeze in our monthly shoot. Although, there were about a million and one photos taken of the girl as her fifth month was celebrated.

Here are a the to ten highlights of the fifth month:

10. We sort of successfully took a family self-portrait.

9. Zea thinks she's big enough to sit in a rocker that belonged to her autie as a baby

8.Tooth number two is in and working extremely well. (I found out the hard way:(

7.Her Valentine's was spent with her one and only man, Papi by going to church and letting mommy get a few extra Zs.

6.Zea and Lalio have been spending Q.T. together.

5.She has the most mischievous smile.

4.I just LOVE all the cute dresses.

3.We've discovered that she can make a toy out of anything.

2.And she's constantly sticking her tongue out to make sure her teeth haven't disappeared.

1.The mama and the papa can't get enough time with her.


Lauramamadoula said...

I love it when you update!! :)

(btw are still working at HC? I actually miss it a lot!)

kaiandkristi said...

I LOVE all the new pictures! She's growing SO fast! What a cutie! I love the last picture of the 3 of you. You guys look great!

Suertecita said...

It was so nice seeing you guys this weekend... Wish it would happen more often!. I messaged you today letting you know I found my ring. :) such a relief. Hey send me those pics of the Zea's nursery. I would be glad to help you throw something together. Hope you got back safely.

Erica said...

the last picture is priceless...

jamila said...

i miss you kids. soooo much. muah!!!!!

gettinhot said...

The last one is very Tom, Katie and Suri... THEY WISH!!! Wonderful.