Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Holidays!!

Spring, already being my favorite, brings two holidays that weren't highly celebrated in my family as a child. Now that Zea is in my life, we are deciding how to introduce her to life as she will know it.

We were fortunate enough to celebrate both Easter and Passover this year. Easter was done traditionally with a special presentation of Christ's death and resurrection from the perspective of a centurion. And we all know that Easter brings beautiful dresses. Zealand was privy to this tradition. Our very own Lalita gifted her a magnificent dress. (and we all know how Mommy loves pretty dresses) Church was followed by family dinner/birthday celebration with Yaya and Gramps.

Then came Passover. HD and I are true admirers of Jewish culture. It is so rich with ritual and meaning. Messianic Jews have tied the traditions of Passover to Jesus, our Passover lamb. Each portion of the program teaches children of the first Passover and Jesus' sacrifice. Were were blessed to share the Seder and Feast with friends of ours. Enjoy the holiday pics!

Traditional Seder Plate (vegan style)

Zealand participating in ritual hand washing


Lauramamadoula said...

we were planning on doing the seder this year too... unfortunately my prodromal labour got in the way ;)

Zealand is just too cute in that dress! did you take the pictures? whoever did, did a fabulous job!

oh I wish I could meet that little girl! if you ever feel like a trip to Pa, we have plenty of room!!

Erica said...

i heard about that dress!!! it looks lovely :o)
i love the washing hands one... that child knows what she's doin ;)

ReginaRC said...

Her easter dress is stunning!

Suertecita said...

Deidre this is so special!!! Would've loved to have been there to share with your family. Zea is beautiful!

kaiandkristi said...

Very cool! Looks like it was a really special time. Zea is beautiful!

Olivia said...

what beautiful pictures of Zea in the dress!