Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You name it!!

This pics says so much. Share your title for this picture in the comments!!
Check out more photos from this day!


NegraFlaca said...

This is for that swaddling crap!

Erica said...

i dont know what name could describe that... but its definitely beautiful. i love it.

Karina said...

gimme dat gamma!

kaiandkristi said...

Love it! I've been trying to think of a great title the last few days, but I'm absolutely stumped. Although, you should know that every time I look at it, it makes me smile. What a funny picture.

Anonymous said...

=) LOVE it! Did Zealand knock Grandma on the head?!

-Melanie S.

ReginaRC said...

I think Karina nailed it! LOVE your blog!

Deidre C. said...

Zea was grabbing grandma's hair and pulling HARD!!

r + s = m said...

it seems that folks are scared to let their creativity flow... only one person has actually given you a tagline. :)

so here's a stab at a few:

- kids these days! (said by great-grandma)

- this is toooooo funny! (said by grandma)

- obliviously happy (deidre, before finding out)

- boy, what we are in for with this zea girl (said by great-grandma)

- yeeeehaaa, this is fun! (said by zea)

what a beautiful photo... thanks for sharing those!!

r + s + m

Anonymous said...

Here's a tagline for the hair pull.
(Being said by Zeland as she pulls the hair). They said that all I need is a hair sample for this DNA tesitng thing. Let...meee..seee.what I...ugh...can...get...ugh...YES!!!!!