Sunday, August 30, 2009

Agust in review. . . as promised.

Lately when folks ask what's been going on around these parts, it seems hard to recall. As it all comes back, it's hard for me to believe that the month is OVER!!!!!!!! So where to start? Well, why not at the very beginning.

August 3rd.
HD and I celebrated SIX years. I know it's not long but, it just has passes so fast. We've had more than our share of ups and downs in this relationship but we are doing our best to realize that we aren't the One holding us together. In an effort of doing that, we had our second annual spiritual retreat. It was a fantastic time focusing solely on God and recommitting our relationship to Him.

. . . all the other stuff.
The month seemed to pass in a blur and I'm not quite sure if the following highlights occurred in August or July but here we go.

Zealand is walking! She was very cautious about the entire process. There was a lot of walking with support and then gingerly lowering herself, like a sumo wrestler when she was feeling unsteady. Suddenly she wasn't holding on. A few steps at first by herself, then more and more!!! Now she's everywhere. No, we haven't baby proofed the house. But we've created a Zealand-contained area in half of the living room where she can "run" and play.

Words are coming. She is signing a bit to let us know the basics such as, food, milk, more, potty, etc. Don't be surprised of you receive a call from Zealand.

Give this little lady a cell phone and she knows just what to do with it. She's already called a few folks by accident and then will answer, "HI". Even when no one is there she'll answer then, hand it over as if to say, "It's for you."

She'll even "text".

Or she may be trying to get in touch with you to share the news about her first birthday party!! I can't believe a year has nearly passes already. HD and I are finally feeling like we are getting our footing on this parenting thing. Although, curve balls are coming at us left and right we are playing on the same team.

So of course there are big party plans. Were having a butterfly themed party. This is my consolation for not including my favorite insect in her name, Mariposa, as I'd originally intended. Though we'll be celebrating Zealand's arrival it will be more of a celebration of, "Wow we happened to keep another living being alive for more than a couple months." This is the reason we don't have plants or animals. . .

All in all, things are going well. On a business note, I recently completed an introduction workshop for Birthing From Within. A childbirth education alternative. This is the first step in becoming a Mentor, not a teacher, with this particular birthing ideology. I am VERY excited and in order to share more about the actual workshop, it would need about 50 post to share all of the revelations personal, professional and spiritual that were gleaned from this experience.

I hope that September will bring more frequent posts. This month boast of big things, not only sweet Z's first birthday, but a visit from my dear friend, Heather! There'll be plenty more fruit picking and hopefully even some canning. Stay tuned.


Lunsford said...

I miss You so much!!! Reading this makes me want to see you already! I want to stop by and see you and give you Zealand birthday present! I can't believe how time has flown! And we barely got to see each other over the last month! We'll definately have to remedy that! Love you all!

Heather said...

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!! I am going to bring apples with me, we can get them really cheap here at the farmers market!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe that our little girls are turning one, it is incredible. Congrats on keeping Zea alive more then just a few months!

jael said...

that was the best phone call ever! great way to start the day. thanks Z!!!

Karina said...

I can't believe she is almost 1! I remember her slipping into the world so vividly. She is lucky her mamma was such a good catcher. Don't forget to celebrate yourself on this special day. One whole year of being a rockstar mom should not go uncelebrated! I miss you!

Erica said...

you guys are precious. i miss you so much.