Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Family Frolic!!!

This is for Jamila!!

Hi there folks. Last weekend we celebrated Tio Alex's birthday. Yummy lunch was had at Lebanese Taverna followed by a stroll through the National Arboretum. It was such a beautiful day.

In addition to Alex, HD's brother from Cali, we were also fortunate to be celebrating with my father-in-law, who recently took a job in Chicago. Zealand, although she hadn't seen Alex in awhile nor her Abuelo, took to them like white on rice. When first got through the door of the house she couldn't stop hugging her Abuelito. She just knew the two of them were here just for her.

She LOVES holding hands. Now that she's getting older it's becoming easier to soother her with hand holding. Here she is with her entourage.

Those Abuelitos can't get enough of her.

Here's our official new Coutsoumpos family photo.

The fall foliage was something to behold!!!

Running away!

Getting love from the birthday Uncle!

I can't get enough of this amazing weather. I wish it would last forever.


jael said...

YAAAAAY!!! I love Zee having the time of her life in that stroller!!!

Anonymous said...

huzzah! that Z. those trees. I needed this piece of home!

Name: Lorilea said...

Beautiful photos! I love the Deidre, its lovely.

kaiandkristi said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of Z running with a look of sheer excitement on her face. Too cute!

Vimie Joy said...

this is amazing.

could anything be more beautiful??

hmm. i think not.