Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fab February.

Time is flying and like my about me section says, I've been learning how to be/enjoying the present. So here are some highlights from February.

This year Zealand was finally able to enjoy snow.

HD celebrated 30 on the first Sabbath of the month. The best gift he received was a major snow storm which gave him the day off and time with his favorite people. The storm robbed us of power for a little time but we enjoyed. Zea loved watching the snow come down. We had to put a few perishable items out in the snow to keep from spoiling.

A couple weeks later we had a small party with the Abuelos. And Papa had a helper to blow out his candles.

We also had a prelude to all of the visitors March brought. Nina, another mother, came for a conference, one benefit of living in this area. As always it was amazing connecting with her. Zealand took to her like white on rice, of course it didn't hurt that she brought presents ;).

Here's Zea and Nini!

Zea's 17th month has been absolutely fab! I'm so glad to be playing witness to this little girl's life.


jael said...

go ahead Zea! Que linda, can't wait to see her!

kaiandkristi said...

Please pass along our "Happy Birthday!" wishes :-) So glad you got to visit with Nini. Kasen is super jealous ;-) Glad you had a great time!

Erica said...

stick to me like white on rice!!


Anonymous said...

aNice capture ... :)

kai said...

Hey! We walked/talked with Alex last week and he said you guys are coming to visit in May. Can we plan a time with you to get together?? We would LOVE to see you 3 and catch up! It's been WAY too long!! Hope all is well!