Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everyday Enchantment.

I'm a self proclaimed blog-stalker. I have folders upon folders filled with blogs from my hobbies to friends to random strangers who's blogs I stumbled upon arbitrarily. Recently a few of my fav blog authors have chosen a theme for the year in order to preserve memories or work on that particular area of life. Instead of being proactive in January, I sat back to see if a theme would surface.

As the months seemed to fly by I thought the theme would be something like, "Oh My Goodness, time is passing too fast and I can't hold onto it, there's no way I'll be able to remember anything from 2010!" As I examined that notion more closely, I felt as though I was try too hard to hold on to time. The tighter I held on the less I felt I was retaining. I was missing more. Like trying to hold on to every grain of sand as it slips through your fingers; the more you close your fist around it, the more you loose. So, I sat back and waited some more.

During this more relaxed time of revelation a theme made itself known. Everyday Enchantment. If I allow myself to be open and more aware of the little things happening around me there's magic in these small moments.

Perhaps it's because I have a small child who is embracing this new-to-her world around her, and I'm lucky enough to play witness to that. Or perhaps, I'm finally at a place where I am able to see and savor the specialness of the seemingly unimportant.

No matter, I am here. Now.


jael said...

I love it when kids are enthralled by ordinary things!!! I'm glad you're experiencing that!

kaiandkristi said...

I like it!