Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Belly Beginnings. . .

One thing I strive to do, no matter what the situation in life is to live in the present. Upon becoming pregnant, I sort of lost focus on how to do that. During the first trimester there are barely any changes. In addition I turned out to be one of those "lucky" people that didn't get morning sickness. It was hard to remember that yes there is someone growing inside of me.

In the beginning of the second trimester the only signs of new life have been physical. My body changes so gradual that I almost missed capturing them on film. . . or digital file, to be more accurate. If it weren't for friend who aren't near to ask I probably would have let it pass. Well here is a pic of the 22nd week. In order to get more accomplished I have created a daily to do list. the pic was on the to do list but, not looking cute so it's just the belly. . . enjoy! (p.s. it's me at 22 weeks gestation)

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Erica said...

d... you have a baby bump!! its been so long since i've seen you.. i wanna see.