Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back to Class

I'm soooooo excited! This week DH(Darling Husband) and I started our childbirth education classes. Being a doula I feel I know a lot about the physiological process of having a baby. But never doing it myself I feel a little like DH and I are the blind leading the blind.

Truly enjoying this time of pregnancy, trying to savor every moment as it comes, sometimes is more difficult than it appears. My engagement and wedding all passed by ina blur. It all seemed so surreal. Sometimes I can't believe that my high school sweetheart turned out to be my very own DH. But, I digress. I want to enjoy this time and prepare myself psychologically and emotionally for the monumental life change.

Since reading the book, Birthing From Within, I have wanted to take this class. My personal belief is that birth is something that we not only experience physically. We also go through emotional and spiritual changes as well. They are also very tough to endure, not unlike the labor process.

When I received my Keepsake Journal, which is like the workbook for the class I read the introduction and was struck by this view of birth.

"Life and birth never unfolds in a straight predictable line to achieve a certain outcome. Rather, it is labyrinthine, like this: There is only one entrance, which is also the only exit. The continuous convoluted path (unlike a maze with blind alleys), requires no prior knowledge, no thinking or planning; it only asks of us to have faith to move forward by taking one step at a time: the path leads to the center, the goal--then leads us out again. Walking a labyrinth is not as mindless as it sounds--just as you approach the center (goal) the path take you away on an unexpected hairpin turn-- it is a s perplexing and frustrating as labor and life, challenging us to choose faith over control or doubts." (Introduction Keepsake Journal, Pam England)

Birthing from Within, the class, helps families have meaningful pregnancy, labor and birthing experiences. No matter on what your actual birth plans are they strive to help all involved make connections with fears and doubts not just related to the birthing experience but life. Letting go of those before the birth can have an effect on the birthing process.

So far so good. The class is even better than I imagined. Check out the book for more information!

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NegraFlaca said...

dee, PLEEEEAAASSSEEE don't be the class know-it-all cause you's a doula.

ps I love that you're blogging about this!