Friday, May 9, 2008

Prego Pants

Everyone should have a pair of denims with an elastic waist band. I think they are changing my life. A couple of weekends ago I went to a casual conference. I took my normal dress down clothes, none of which were maternity, and thought, "These are my most comfortable things I have." Well, was I proved wrong!!!

After returning I made it my mission in life to find some comfy, yet stylish prego pants. It took a couple of tries, but with the help of my friend Kori, my eyes, better yet my waist has been opened to the world of elastic banded pants!!!! WONDERFUL!!
They make it much easier in a potty emergency situation and when consuming all that my eyes thought I could, there's already build in give. Last but not lease I can sit again with out metal bits imprintging themselves in my tum.

Best of all no one can tell on sight that they are maternity. Next time you get a chance don your prego pants!!! ;O)


Heather said...

You are adorable!!!! And it really is amazing how wonderful prego pants can feel!

NegraFlaca said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm getting me some prego pants!