Tuesday, September 9, 2008


According to our childbirth education class one of the sign before onset of labor is, nesting. Not only does it occur during just before labor but, also during the middle of pregnancy.

In my case nesting has not demonstrated itself in a nursery, (we don't have one) but in creating beautiful spaces in my home for me to labor. Early on while doing labor practice I realized it is hard for me to relax in an ugly environment. That at the time was our bedroom. We were able to tackle that during our vacation earlier this summer.

My quest grew into creating, "The Perfect Birth Space". The ideas began rolling in after viewing an EXCELLENT movie on home birth called, "Home Delivery." In it one of the mom's created a birth tent. I wanted to do something similar. Hence the birth of our space. Last Friday, Jamila came over and took charge of completing the "Birth Space". This was under the hopeful guise that once it's done, so would the baking of BC. . . Here are some pics of how it turned out!

Head over Here for a description of some of the items in the space.

And now the living room. It's still pretty bare but it is neat and together. . . which is more than it was about three weeks ago.


Sarah said...

This space is so beautiful and inspiring! I want one even without baby. =) And the living room colours are lovely, peaceful. Your house is looking great!

Cluesy said...

I love it! And the living room walls look fantastic!

Erica said...

oh d... it looks lovely!!

jamila said...

yoooo! the living space is fab! and the birthing space. . .maaavolous.

Anonymous said...

I feel relaxed just looking at the pics of your birth space! Blessings as baby's arrival gets closer.
--Tunisia P.

Anonymous said...

The space looks beautiful and peaceful. I love it! I also want one (baby or not). ~ Gayle