Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Best is Yet to Come

Sometimes we don't know why certain situations turn out the way they do. This morning I was experiencing one of those. At the onset of 2008, my two closest friends decided that this was the year of big changes and it would be manifested in a cross country move.

From the moment they told me, I began to process it in the way that you do when something drastic is changing in your life. The natural process of grieving ensued:

* 1. Denial and Isolation. (Sike you're not really going anywhere, are you?)

* 2. Anger. (You think you're leaving, well, in my mind you're already gone!)

* 3. Bargaining. (There's no way you're going without me!)

* 4. Depression. (Woe is me, I will have NO friends left when you leave.:o(

* 5. Acceptance. (I know God is calling you to move, there are new lessons to learn and dream jobs to be had!! Good thing my bro-in-law lives there cus HD, BC and me can come and visit and see you and other folks we love!!!!!)

These two particular friends are very eager to be present when BC comes into the world but as of this morning that is no longer possible. The Acceptance phase has fully launched as I spent time with them both as they completed last minute preparations for their cross-county drive. They stalled as long as possible seeing if labor would start giving them an excuse to stay an extra day...

Now begins the long wait until Christmas when they will return and BC will be approximately 3 months old (if he/she comes sooner than later). Praise God for iChat and Pix Messages and good 'ole fashion snail mail so though we are miles apart we still remain close in spirit.

Watch out Cali, here they come!!!

That's Jael (who's also moving with them), Erica, and Jamila!!!

Ladies, as you are on this journey, remember the words of

Mr. John Avery Whitaker, "The best is yet to come!"


Erica said...

d... you made me get all teary...

i love you.
and i miss you... a lot.

jamila said...

same here. you're killing me! but thanks for pulling through to the acceptance phase and giving your blessing.

i heart you like cooked food! and relish your final /momedays/weeks as a pre-mom(aka your freedom)!

bermikoy said...


i wish i could've been there.

i'm tired of having just my spirit be there with you.