Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NO labor on Labor Day. . .

Nope, there's no baby yet, nor any signs of labor for that matter. This last weekend HD and I were recipients of a Labor of Love. A good friend of ours and her family offered to help out in anyway they could. This being an opportunity we could not pass up we asked them to help us paint our living room. We've also officially named our former back-jungle the "Edwin Martinez Memorial Patio".

For those who are not near by, the short story on our home is everything in it needs to be updated, whether it's painting, replacing of appliances or total demolition and rebuilding. . . It's coming slowly and every new improvement is a sigh of relief.

So, our blessed friends came on Sunday and Monday to help us paint our front room, hallway and half-bath. It was a HUGE job, that in my tunneled vision would never get completed. Thanks to God, it took only one day to do the big job and the next day to put on the finishing touches. The back patio, which was SOOOOOOOOO over grown it could have swallowed several small animals and a person with out anyone noticing, was re-discovered. We now need to to treat the concrete tiles so the weeds will stay away. It would also be nice to find some end of the season clearance patio furniture to complement the space.

In the meantime, nesting is kicking in big time. I've cleaned out the kitchen and once the living room is back together I'm dying to shampoo the carpets. Instead of creating a nursery, which I could care less about, I'm on a kick of creating my ideal birth space. Off of our bedroom there is a sitting room that I've designated for laboring and decorating with positive encouraging items for the labor and birth. Included are items created during both Mother Blessings and photos that help me remember why I've chosen what I've chosen (natural childbirth) and pics of me letting go and going with the flow. Besides those projects we wait for BC to decided when to make his/her appearance.

When folks ask when the baby's due the answer is: "When the baby arrives!"

There's no way this baby will come and you don't know. I promise!!!!!!!

P.S. I'll post pics of everything soon.

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Cluesy said...

thanks for the update. i was beginning to go crazy wondering if you were in a dark corner in fetal position in labor. i prayed for you just in case. well, looks like we're still on for a birth on the 8th!