Friday, October 17, 2008

Month Full of Firsts!!!!

Just yesterday, Zealand turned one month! My! How time has flown by! Her one month check-up was yesterday. She is now 10lbs 6oz and 23 1/2 inches long! This month has brought a lot of firsts for Zea. Here are the top ten for this month!

10. First Bath! (she loved it)

9. First Classical Recital (she made not a peep)

8. First Wedding (slept through the whole thing)

There's Aunt Denise and Uncle David! Congrats!

7. Heard Dad's first sermon at the new church (and looked cute too)

6. First iChat (with the California tias)

5. First Shopping trip (accompanied by the shopping queen, Tiffani)

4. First Meeting with Abuelito (@ 2 weeks old)

3. First Sabbath afternoon to the "Flower Gardens" aka Brookside Gardens!

2. First road trip (going down was tough, but she enjoyed the ride back)

1. First meeting with her birthday buddy (Grandma Ruthie was sooo excited)

It's impossible for me NOT to take pictures like crazy and we are consistently adding pics here to the blog but even more to flickr. If you click on the badge on the right of this blog, you'll see more Zea!

Here are some bonus shots from our one month photo shoot.


Erica said...

que bellesa... que linda... i cant wait to meet her in person!!

kaiandkristi said...

She's so adorable! You guys have kept pretty busy your first month. Way to go;-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all her firsts, especially ichatting with Eri. Pretty cool and up to speed with the times. You all look so happy!!!

Maggie said...

That bottom picture where she's facing the camera? No words.... SO FREAKEN SWEET...