Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Falling in Love with our little Pumpkin!

A couple of weeks back a few of our friends hosted a belated birthday party for Zealand! Knowing Fall is my favorite season of all, they used an autumn theme. There were pumpkins, popcorn and beautiful rich colors. Best of all there was a banner to welcome guests that said: "Fall in love with our little Pumpkin." My buddy Heather was in charge of decorating and she did an absolutely FABULOUS job!

It was a mixture of great food and fun! Everyone was a good sport. The highlight was an obstacle-course race to qualify three guests for future babysitting. The participants were great sports as they jumped rope, read stories, colored, and combed hair amongst other activities. Below are some pics from the event.

Zea in her party dress!

Guests decorated onesies for Zea

One of Zea's buddies

A couple of GREAT sports who participated in the obstacle course

The party left our baby pooped!


Erica said...

i only wish.... i was there.

kaiandkristi said...

Such a cute idea! That's awesome that you have people competing to babysit!!! She's such a cutie;-)

bermikoy said...

I love the sleepy one at the bottom.

So cute.

NegraFlaca said...


kaiandkristi said...

We miss reading about your new life! We'd love an update;-)