Tuesday, December 16, 2008

@ 3 months

Just this week a friend told me, "Consider it a good day when you've managed to keep Zea alive for another day." I can't believe we've succeeded it doing just that for 90! BUT, she's not just alive, she's thriving.

At 3 months Zea loves:

o Tummy tickles
o The ABC song (English and Spanish)
o Morning talks with Mom
o Flying like an airplane
o Her own reflection
o Cuddling with Papi
o Riding in the car

At 3 months Zea dislikes:

o Waiting for her food
o Being in big crowds
o Getting into her car seat

It's been simply amazing watching her morph from a petite newborn into a sturdy baby with dimples at every joint! Everyday brings new insight into who she's becoming. How privileged I am to bear witness. Enjoy the 3 month pics!


gettinhot said...

Love your updates.... this baby is too gorgeous. I am enjoying your journey together.

gettinhot said...

This is Regina, by the way. :)

Heather said...

You are an amazing photographer...I love the pic of she and O together.