Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing Catch UP!

Here's how we spent our holidays! Were were really blessed this year to have both our families want to come to our place this year. This was our first year for HD and I to have a Christmas tree!!! I was ecstatic!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas!

Did I happen to mention that I LOVE Christmas? This year we were lucky enough to have three celebratory events. First we hosted HD's family on Christmas eve as is their tradition. There was yummy food and plenty of love and laughter, after a late start. Zea knew there was lots of excitement going on and insisted on being a part. Here she is with her Aunt, being intrigued by her Abuelita Santa.

On Christmas day my family came for the day. Auntie Jeanene got to dress little Zea from top to bottom.
(Yes that's a bow in her hair)

And the Day after Christmas we got to celebrate with our chosen family, the Monsalves and TiMi (Tia Mila). We went down to the White House lawn to see their holiday display with a GIGANTIC menorah and Christmas tree and 50+ smaller trees representing each state and territory. Here's a pic of us with Lolo and Lalita.

It was a wonderful holiday season and I now understand why it only comes once a year! We had a good new year too, with a visit from friends we hadn't seen a while I'll post more pics soon!


NegraFlaca said...

lolo? I thought it was mate

Anonymous said...

Deidre, Zealand is too cute! And now she's wearing bows in her hair- EVEN CUTER!!! Looking forward to more pics.


Erica said...

that picture with the bow... wow...

Anonymous said...
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kaiandkristi said...

She's SO beautiful! I can't believe how fast she's growing!! Does it really go that fast?