Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We've Graduated!

A couple morning's ago if you'd told me it was going to the last time rolling over and seeing my daughter's smiling face in the sunlight without my feet hitting the floor, I may not have believed you. Well two days later I'm here to testify! HD and I decided weeks ago that we should move Zea from our bedside, in her co-sleeper to across the room into our sitting room. She's either a Baby Genius or a super sensitive sleeper. (Of course I choose the former.) With her next to us, she was waking when we sneezed or coughed in the night. And when we'd start in for our night's sleep, she'd think that's be the perfect time for waking and having a quick little pillow talk before we ALL could go to sleep.

Sunday past, after worrying if Zea would every like music, she cried and cried at the top of her lungs for forty-five minutes. She was inconsolable. She wanted nothing to eat, not burping her, not even her beloved walking with dad would calm her nerves. It was only after HD started singing, did she immediately quiet and finally go to sleep. This was her last night beside us.

Now that she's moved: HD has become the consummate nighttime parenter, getting the baby when she needs to feed (only 3 times), Zea is no longer roused by our sleeping sounds, I no longer have a backache from keeping one hand in the co-sleeper, to calm the baby, and falling asleep. And the number one thing about baby's big move. . . I can have my bedside table back! It's become a mess of books and papers since my table was removed.

HD and I were pretty excited her first night in the new space. We gave a few high-fives and did a little happy dance! I never anticipated these small triumphs would bring such joy! We're becoming real parents day by day and ONLY with God's grace will our little one thrive!

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AMAZO. i love it... so good so good.