Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Catch-Up

The whirlwind of the holidays are over! I can only shout, "Whoopee!!!" Although Christmas, traditionally is my favorite season, it seemed to sneak up on me like other big dates this year. So here at the Coutsoumpos Casa we are blessed to have both of our families in the area, thus resulting in two celebrations! Yay!!

Christmas eve has been traditionally the "big" event for HD's family. We hosted all of the local extended family in our home. It would not be in keeping with our tradition if we, 1) did not start late in the evening, nor 2) had massive amounts of food that we would be eating for the next week to come (double YaY!!, no cooking).

This year, in terms of gift giving we decided to shake things up a bit and exchange names. The distribution process was hilarious ranging from, teasing the receivers into thinking that the giver was someone else, to giving gifts packaged as something not so great only to find the gift inside was something to totally show off and be enjoyed for many years to come! My favorite was giving a gift for every dollar that was specified in our spending limit. . . thanks to Target's dollar spot. A good time was had by all!! Though lil Zea didn't make it to the bitter end she was very exuberant during her time awake.

Christmas day was a laid back affair with my family. We welcomed my little sister back from a semester in Paris along with my cousins from Florida. There was more food along with fun of opening gifts. Zealand, being more aware of what was going on, LOVED ripping the paper.

We got our traditional holiday photo and welcomed the Sabbath with holiday carols and Adventures in Odyssey!!!

Added bonus! Here are some obligatory Christmas dress pics.

The lovely headband was made by my mother.
This is what the little one wanted to do with it. . .


Laura said...

glad to see a post from you :) it's been sp long since i've seen you! hope all is well there. i need to give you my new number so you call me sometime.

Heather said...

Love this! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas season!!