Monday, January 18, 2010

Say My Name, Say My Name

Zealand has been talking for a while now. It's been sooooo fun seeing her understand and process the world around here. As her language developed other parents with older children shared how their hearts would melt when their kids would speak.

When it came to identifying her parents, my little one would call us both Papa (except when she wakes screaming in the middle of the night, then it's Mamamamamamamama!!!!) I realized that over this last week she's been able to distinguish the two of us. Even in pictures of HD and me, where once there was only Papa, there's now Papa and Mama.

When it comes to calling folks we love outside of our home, she's becoming a pro! What's more is that when we drive up to the grandparents' homes while still in the car she'll say, "Yaya?" or "Gampa?" or her own personal version of Abuela. Even before Mama was in pictures, she's been able to point out her beloved Alex and she thinks that every time I'm on the phone it's Neen.

Well with all of that I was Not prepared to hear her speak her own name. When looking at pictures of herself she says, "Baby?" She also refers to herself as, "Me".
But this last weekend my mother asked her, "What's your name?"
Her reply, "See-yan".
You could have knocked me over with a feather. I'm pretty sure that if you'd have opened me up right then my chest would have been full of goo, if not it definitely skipped a beat or two. It was so precious to me to hear her call herself by her name. Just Fan-tabulous!!!!!!

So for all of you parents out there, please share what touched you most as your children begin/began to talk.


Laura said...

hmmm well of all the words Eli could have said for his first word... he choose "ow!" he looked me in the face, pointed to a dangerous object and said "OW!"

granted not as cute as "seeyan" but it melted my heart non-the-less!

Lunsford said...

When Taylor first talked she would say "Daddeee, wooook, Daddy see?" and would go around and point at things. We recently rewatched the videos and it melts my heart to see the kids growing up.
Javen melts me when he yells for "tah-er" (for Taylor)... it's so cute!

Erica said...

I wish i could have seen your face :)

kaiandkristi said...

SO cute! Kasen just started saying "Dada", and it's the cutest thing! He's been saying "Mama" for a while, but we've been working so hard to get him to say "Dada". Once he said it, Kai and I just melted. Those are the 2 sweetest words we've heard. You should get Z saying her name on video. She's just so adorable!!

Vimie Joy said...

thanks for sharing this with us, Dee. even for those childless aunties, it's nice to hear those moments that melt your heart into goo!

Heather said...

LOVE IT!! Camille see's pictures of herself and says "SYDNEY." She will even look at herself in the mirror and call herself "Sydney." It's super cute. I can only imagine how AMAZING it was to hear Z say her own name. YAY Zealand!!