Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding Balance.

Again, time passes and it seems as if there's no tangible record of all that has happened during this first month of January. My thoughts have been like a pool of water in a state of unrest, hitting one side, causing ripples until the wake hits the other. Back and forth, back and forth.

This month has proven to be quite a balancing act between meeting the needs of our home, my relationship with HD, being mom to Zea, easing back into work and squeezing in personal time. Each area seems to have its unique challenges in keeping the peace, propelling it forward, or making sure it gets accomplished. Just when I feel things have been figured out, out of nowhere something comes to upset the routine and turn it all upside down.

For example, this month Zea has started a Parent/Child class in the Waldorf Method (our preferred educational philosophy). Once a week, HD and I, attend the class with Zea to see the method in practice and chat with other parents to get a better understanding of how to implement the theories at home. This has been our darling girl's first regular interaction with other children outside of Sabbath School. After attending three classes, Zea got sick replacing our perfect Thursday harmony with dissonance.

Another example is getting back to work. I love, Love, LOVE my line of work. Although my original plan, prior to coming into motherhood, was to abandon my job and embrace my "new path", I missed supporting mothers and thought I would gently ease into working. Well I eased in as gently as a whale rolling into a swimming pool this month.

In addition to giving prenatal tours of Labor and Delivery I was able to witness three mothers as they experienced the rite of passage of becoming a mother. This is INCREDIBLY exciting for me, when I'm with them, but it can become a logistical nightmare before I get there. I am soooooo blessed that HD's schedule is currently flexible enough to stay most of the time with Zea, and even more so to have my mother and mother-in-love nearby to step in when we are both unable.

So, here's to an even more unpredictable 2nd month of 2010.

Although you are short, February may you be absolutely unforgettable.


kaiandkristi said...

Good for you with getting back into work a little! I bet you love having a few days to commit to the other things you love in your life ;-) Beautiful writing, by the way!

Decor I Adore.... said...

How does it feel to find what you love and actually do it for a living?? Hope the balancing act balances out :)